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Should you need to uninstall TimeToStart, either select the Uninstall shortcut from the Start:Programs:TimeToStart folder, or select Start:Settings:Control Panel, and open the Add/Remove Programs icon. Find the TimeToStart program, and click the Add/Remove button.

When you uninstall, any files you did not modify will be removed. However, any files you have modified or added will not be deleted, and in this case the TimeToStart folder on your hard disk will not be removed. If you wish you can manually delete these files and the TimeToStart folder.

The Uninstaller depends on several files stored in the TimeToStart folder. Three files, with names starting in
irunin.*, tell Uninstall how to remove the files. If these three files have been damaged, deleted or moved, Uninstall will not be able to automatically remove TimeToStart. In this case, if you wish, you can reinstall the program and then immediately uninstall it. Or, you can manually remove the program by deleting the C:\Program Files\TimeToStart folder, and any files installed there. You will also need to remove the links to the program, usually stored in the C:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\TimeToStart folder. Delete this entire folder. Manually uninstalling will not remove entries from the Windows Registry, and will not remove files added to the C:\Windows\System folder, but this will not negatively affect operation of your computer.