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From time to time you may encounter a problem with TimeToStart. If you do, the program will present you with some basic information about what just happened, and ask if you'd like to report the bug directly to Split Infinity Music via our web page.

The error dialog initially appears with minimal information. Click on any item for details.

If you click the "More Details>>>" button, you can look at some extended error information. Click on any item for details.

We encourage you to click "Submit Error Report" whenever possible. Either way, the program will continue running, although depending on the bug you encountered you may not be able to complete some actions. However, whenever possible, you should allow the program to log on to our web page and report the bug directly. When you click Submit, the program will simply ask your web browser to link to our bug report form. The form will fill in the error details automatically.

TimeToStart does NOT send any personal data to Split Infinity Music that you do not type in yourself. Please do give as much background information as you can, to help us troubleshoot the problem, and include an email address and phone number so we can contact you if necessary. When you submit the web form, the information is emailed directly to us, and a copy is emailed to you as confirmation. Of course, this may require dialing your modem to your internet service provider.

Any bugs which are found are logged to a disk file. You can review this file by clicking the appropriate buttons on the error dialog. If you contact us via email, please include this file to further help our troubleshooting.

You can also report a bug manually, if you feel you've found something that requires our attention. Select the Report a Bug option on the Help menu, which will link to the same bug report form as described above. Enter the relevant information and submit the form, and we'll be in touch if we need further info or if you request a response.