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·How can I...?  
Well, this is a new program. We haven't gotten any questions yet! The questions below are common to our other programs.  

·Hey! I'm a registered user. TimeToStart was running fine, completely unlocked, and now it's suddenly locked again.  
Did you change the network name of your computer under the Network:Identification:Computer Name control panel tab? TimeToStart uses this information to verify the registration information. You need to re-unlock TimeToStart (you DID save the unlock key and username, right?) and this will not happen again unless you change the computer name.  
Did you reinstall Windows? The TimeToStart preferences, saved in the Windows Registry, may have been lost. Dig out that unlock key and user name (you DID save it, right?) and re-unlock.  
When you unlock the software, a copy of the unlock code is stored in the My Documents folder.