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"Spirit Flow" By Ken Yasinski

Copyright info: Please use this song for the glory of God. Also please respect the songwriter in not using the song for profit.

In February of 1998, Ken Yasinski completed a new song, called "Spirit Flow". With a MIDI cable, we connected his keyboard to my Gravis sound card and after a short time finished recording a MIDI file of the song. Some editing was done in MidiSoft's Recording Session, and drums were later added in Power Chords. Both programs came with the UltraSound card.

Below is a link to the file, as well as a graphic with the musical notes for voice, with guitar chords.
We hope to bring you more songs in the near future, so keep posted!

Spirit Flow MIDI file
Note: You can save the file by right-clicking on it and choosing "Save Link As".

Spirit Flow notes (GIF file)