My name is Kevin Lusk, and I am an ametuer musician/songwriter.  I have written a few praise and worship tunes (as well as other types of songs) and I thought that, rather than just sit on them, I'd like to throw them out for the world to use.

Title: There is Power in Praise
Category: Praise
Author: Kevin Lusk, 3845 Fetlock Cr., Colorado Springs, CO, 80918, (719) 522-1605,
Copyright: none whatsoever
Permission: I hereby grant anyone permission to use this song for anything. Copy it, change it, sell it,  record it, get rich off of it, call it your own,
whatever.  I don't care.

Thanks for considering my song for inclusion on your page!  It is an honor to help others worship our God.

In His Blood,

Kevin Lusk

Included:  (MIDI File: pwrinprs.mid)
Included:  (Chord sheet: pwrinprs.txt)