Worship LIVE! and Windows "Data Execution Protection" (DEP) compatibility

Windows XP and newer versions of Windows all include an anti-malware system called "Data Execution Protection". It's designed to catch attempts by rogue software to execute code outside of Windows' security system. However, it is known to work TOO WELL in some cases, flagging legitimate programs and activity and instantly terminating those programs.

With Windows XP, this mode was optional and was turned off by default. With Vista and Windows 7 it became more common, and in Windows Server and all 64-bit editions of Windows, it is turned on by default.

Unfortunately, this DEP system can trip up the Worship LIVE! and other software, and cause it to quit unexpectedly and instantly, with no chance to save your work, and without even allowing the software to report the problem properly. You will get a generic Windows error but if you look closely you'll see the DEP warning at the bottom:


Fortunately, it is possible to turn off this DEP feature, either for ALL software (we don't recommend this) or for just the Worship LIVE! software (this is the best choice).

How to turn on/off DEP in Windows XP or Windows Vista?

In windows XP,

In Windows Vista,

Note that 64-bit versions of Windows automatically enforce DEP for all programs.

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If you want to define policy_level as AlwaysOn or AlwaysOff, you must do it directly via Boot.ini file as detailed below:

For more information: