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Worship LIVE! version 5.1 released

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Version 5.1 of the Worship LIVE! software was released today, and is a free upgrade for version 5.0 customers. Use the "check for updates" Help menu item for an easy link to the download.

There are a number of substantial changes to projection and "choreography" (now called "Automation"), plus the software has some spiffy new icons on the toolbars. Learn more at

Other changes:
- True Nashville Number System (NNS) support (1 2 3, not just I II III)
- Projection prefs tab has been updated for clarity
- Change playlist key by clicking on that column
- Columns can be changed and hidden in the main library and playlist screens - up to eight song list columns
- Column sizing in the main library and playlist screens now remember width by column contents
- Projection previews now pause the "prebuild" process during slide transitions, to allow fully smooth transitions
- Projection "blank" function is now "one-way" - there's no unblank process. This resulted in significant improvements in other areas.
- The projection screen now always comes up blank initially. You then select an item to project
- Powerpoint files are MUCH better supported in 5.1. In particular, each slide shows up as a separate line in the playlist, allowing full control over the slide selection directly from the playlist, plus having preview images for each slide.
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