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document About the Knowledgebase
Welcome to the Worship LIVE! knowledgebase. You'll find articles here about how to install and use the Worship LIVE! software.
Not rated 18 Apr, 2007 Views: 7331 Comments: 0
document Transposition and Fonts
Transposition is a very tricky business, even for a human. We put a lot of brain power into the job. Our software works very hard to simplify the...
Not rated 20 Apr, 2007 Views: 10574 Comments: 0
document Moving songs between computers
• How can I move a song between two different computers?  • How can I copy the entire database for another user?  • How...
Not rated 01 May, 2007 Views: 7285 Comments: 0
document Maintaining Administrator control over the database
You may ask "Several people use the church copy of Worship LIVE, but I'd really prefer that only I could add or delete...
Not rated 01 May, 2007 Views: 7390 Comments: 0
document Databases and CD-ROM backups
If you back up your songs to a CD-R and later restore them, you may have trouble using the song files. This is because Windows makes all files...
Not rated 01 May, 2007 Views: 8600 Comments: 0
document Transposition tip: Ignored Terms
A common question is asked about Worship LIVE! transposition: "When I transpose a song, this or that line of chords does not transpose. All the...
Not rated 10 May, 2007 Views: 9824 Comments: 0
document Worship LIVE! 5.0.27 Uploaded
Version 5.0.27 has been uploaded today. Included are some minor bug fixes, and a few improvements to the way the software handles switching between...
Not rated 14 May, 2007 Views: 9952 Comments: 0
document Price Cut for Worship LIVE! version 5!
Good news! We just cut the price for the Worship LIVE! software projection versions. The "for Churches" edition is now just $149.95, and...
Not rated 08 Sep, 2007 Views: 8342 Comments: 0
document Worship LIVE! version 5.1 released
Version 5.1 of the Worship LIVE! software was released today, and is a free upgrade for version 5.0 customers. Use the "check for updates"...
Not rated 11 Sep, 2007 Views: 7819 Comments: 0
document Worship LIVE! version 6 released!
Version 6 of the Worship LIVE! software was officially released on 2/1/08. Visit the website at for more information.
Not rated 01 Feb, 2008 Views: 8495 Comments: 0